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Analysis of a milk membrane fraction isolated from whey protein concentrates

Authors: A.V. Houlihan and P.A. Goddard


Examination of a milk membrane fraction from when protein concentrates (WPC) has shown that components orginating from the skim milk membrane (SMM) system were present in lipoprotein complexes with a β-lactoglobulin and α-lactalbumin. This membrane fraction contained less than 3% of the total WPC protein, approximately 40% of the WPC phospholipid and less than 7% of the WPC triglyceride components. Isopycnic sucrose density gradient centrifugation showed that the lipoprotein complexes isolated in the membrane fraction covered a broad density range, but, in general, were higher in density than SMM lipoproteins and lower in density than the high density fraction of MFGM material. These complexes had apparently formed during processing in a similar manner to complexes between MFGM material and skim milk components observed in pasteurised milks and creams.

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