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Thermal design of cream crystallising silso

Authors: A.J. Baldwin, J.E.R. Lovell-Smith and M.J. Vanden Brink


Most cream crystallising silos in New Zealand are installed outside and are of 'triple skin' construction, with the inner and intermediate walls forming an annulus, an insulation layer and an outer cladding. The latent heat generated by the crystallisation of the cream is removed by chilled water streaming down the silo wall within the annulus. The rates of heat gain from the ambient air were determined for a triple skin silo (as described above), a double skin (with an annulus but without insulation) and a single skin silo. The annual cost of refrigeration required to remove the heat gains was estimated. It was calculated that the post of power for refrigeration required to remove the heat gains to cream crystallising silos would be $NZ90/year for a triple skin silo and $NZ440/y for a double skin silo. It was concluded that the savings in refrigeration energy cost were insufficient to justify the cost of the insulation and the third skin. The elimination of the insulation layer and the adoption of a double skin design is thus recommended. As well as a reduction in capital cost, the simplication of design will assist in ensuring the structural integrity of the stainless steel silos.

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