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Australian milkfat survey - physical properties

Authors: M. Papalois, F.W. Leach, S. Dungey, Y.L. Yep and C. Versteeg


An understanding of the seasonal and regional variation of the physical and chemical properties of milkfat is important to the dairy and food industries for optimal product manufacture and selection of milkfats for markets and applications. However, recent information on such variations over a period of time within and among Australian regions is not readily available to the Australian dairy industry and their customers. The national Australian milkfat survey was implemented to provide up to date comprehensive data on the composition and properties of milkfat. The survey involved the participation of 20 regional manufacturing sites across six states, over a two-year period. Analysis of the milkfat incluced Dropping Point and % Solid Fat Content by pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance. Dropping points among states and seasons varied by up to 5°C and highlighted that there are very significant differences among states. The solid fat content was also highly variable among states and sites. The variations ranged from as much as 18% solid fat to as little as 6% solid fat at 5°C over the survey period. It is envisaged that these data will assist the Australian dairy industry to better understand, predict and manage the seasonal and regional variations of the milkfat properties and thereby enhance the functionality and marketability of milkfat-based products.

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