2024 Product Competition Winners Artwork

Congratulations on being awarded a medal in one of our illustrious DIAA Dairy Product Competitions!

The DIAA hosts annual National and State dairy product competitions that offer entrants many commercial benefits that are contained later in this guide. The competitions are based on the entries’ technical merit and are judged by industry-leading experts selected for their specific dairy product knowledge.

As a Gold or Silver medal winner, you can use official DIAA images of the medals on your winning products’ packaging.

These guidelines are for using the official DIAA Dairy Product Awards medals on winning products’ packaging, your website and email sign-offs.

Only the products and brands awarded Gold and Silver may display the DIAA Gold or Silver Medal endorsement on the packaging or electronically.

The PMS colours used in the medal are Reflex Blue, PMS 871 for the gold medal and PMS 877 for the silver medal. The gold and silver are metallic inks, but the CMYK and the RGB breakdowns will still give a good representation of the gold and silver.

The medals should always sit on a white circle to give maximum impact, as demonstrated in the on-pack image on the next page.

The medals can be used as large as required, but no less than 25% of the medal size (as shown in the ‘medal size’ image), or less than 20mm in diameter (as shown in the ‘minimum size’ image), to keep type at a legible size.

If Gold or Silver is awarded in a State Branch Competition, the medal must also include the Division name.

For website promotion, the above rules apply, and the image of the medal must be clearly and unambiguously linked to the product to which the medal has been awarded.

For e-mail signature sign-off promotion, the same rules apply as for website promotion.

Should you encounter any errors on your certificates and need a reprint, please contact marketing@diaa.asn.au

Please click the respective hyperlink and “Save As” to download it as a JPEG image. Images are also available in EPS and PDF format. Please click here to request these marketing@diaa.asn.au