DIAA Women

We’re all different. But we have so many similarities.

our mission

DIAA WOMEN stemmed from the lack of a platform to give women in the dairy-value supply chain an opportunity to connect with each other.

  • It aims to empower and celebrate members.
  • To encourage the younger generation into the dairy world across all its sectors.
  • And to create a gender balance through social networking events, mentorship programs and competitions.
  • DIAA WOMEN rewards women for their excellence and her business in supporting her.

DIAA Women Ecolab Scholarship

The DIAA Women forum is very proud to announce a partnership with Ecolab to promote women in the dairy industry.

The scholarship, valued at $2,500, is awarded to one applicant per year.

Application closing date: 31 January 2022

Please send your application, outlining how the course or project you are doing/propose to do, will benefit dairy industry and the DIAA, to: DIAAWomen@diaa.asn.au

2022 DIAA Women Ecolab Scholarship 

You can register for a course or a project, or be planning to undertake further studies to advance your career. 

Award criteria: 

  • The chosen candidate must submit a write up for Australian Dairy Foods magazine and be able to present at appropriate and agreed-upon DIAA conferences.

Candidate criteria: 

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • You must be female, a current DIAA member (and have been for at least two years). 
  • If an applicant has submitted an application before but not been chosen, she can re-apply again. Scholarship winners are ineligible to re-apply. 

Application criteria: 

  • Scholarship must be used within 12 months of bestowal  
  • If you have not previously been awarded the scholarship, and wish to apply again, you must submit a new application the next year. 
  • You must register any conflict of interest. (In the case of conflict of interest where the applicant is a close contact of a DIAA Women team member – based on the Nepotism/Conflict of Interest Clause – that committee member will step aside from the judging panel for that applicant only.) 

Proposal criteria: 

  • Please submit a proposal that covers how the course or project will benefit dairy industry and the DIAA. 

Leading DIAA Women

From the moments of inception Priyanka Nunes has led from the front to bring this idea to fruition. Pri will continue this leadership as Chair of DIAA Women. Assisting her will be Liz Newnam as Vice Chair/Treasurer and Loren Gold as Secretary. Supporting these brilliant women is a wonderful team from across Australia.