John Bryant Medal

The John Bryant Gold Medal rewards outstanding service to the dairy industry. Award recipients must demonstrate an outstanding and sustained contribution to the industry in Australia, marked by achievements and strong leadership. The award is named after John Harvey Bryant, a renowned dairy technologist.

Nominations for the John Bryant Award may be made by any DIAA State branch or by the Board, for selection by the DIAA Awards Committee. The contribution may be in any aspect of the industry, but must be marked by achievements and leadership which have resulted in industry advancements.

It is not mandatory for nominees to be members of the DIAA and/or to participate in DIAA activities, but such involvement adds strength to a nomination.

John Harvey Bryant was a world renowned dairy technologist who has done much for the Australian dairy industry.

Born at Vaucluse, Sydney, on April 5, 1903, Mr Bryant was educated at Sydney Grammar School. He attended the Hawkesbury Agricultural Collage, New South Wales, graduating in 1922 with a diploma in agriculture with the College Honours Medal.

Mr Bryant pioneered many new processes and products in the Australian dairy industry, particularly in the area of pasteurisation. He travelled abroad extensively, representing Australia at international dairy exhibitions and conventions.

He was a member of the first Milk Board of New South Wales from 1929 to 1931, and served as the president of the Milk Market Federation of New South Wales and the dairy Equipment Manufacturers of Australia.

Mr Bryant was elected to the board of Pauls Ice Cream and Milk Ltd in 1940, and was subsequently elected its chairman in 1943. When Pauls Ltd was formed in 1950, he became its chairman and continued in this capacity until 1960, when Queensland United Foods Ltd was established to head up the Pauls and Peters ice cream and milk operations in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The company’s name changed to Q.U.F. Industries Ltd in October 1969, and in 1972 it became a national operation.

After Q.U.F. acquired an interest in Tanubada Holdings Pty Ltd in Port Moresby, Mr Bryant became its chairman and played a leading role in the development of the dairy and frozen foods industry in Papua, New Guinea. At various times throughout his career, Mr Bryant was also chairman of directors of Bell, Bryant Limited, Express Dairy Company (Australia), and APV, as well as a director of Diversey (Australasia)

Mr Bryant was the founder of the Australian Society of Dairy Technology, serving as a federal and NSW president. He was awarded the society’s gold medal in 1955.

From the mid-1950s, Mr Bryant served as the vice president of the Dairy Society International, headquartered in Washington, US. He was the foundation member of the UK Society of Dairy Technology, vice president of the Australian National Dairy Committee and the vice president of the 18th International Dairy Congress, held in Sydney in 1970.

Mr Bryant died on January 16, 1974 at Wahroonga, Sydney. Download an article about John Bryant published in Australian Dairy Foods magazine (pdf 69kb)

The Honour Roll

Neil Willman
2019 Bryant Recipient
  • 2018 Hilton Deeth
  • 2017 John Williams
  • 2016 Anne Astin
  • 2015 Barry Irvin
  • 2014 Jim Hourigan
  • 2013 Roger MacBean
  • 2012 Peter Ryan
  • 2011 Robin Johnson
  • 2010 Steve Rice
  • 2009 Wes Judd
  • 2008 Paul Ford
  • 2007 Bob Grey
  • 2006 John McLean
  • 2005 George Davey
  • 2004 JJ (Joe) Sullivan
  • 2003 Bob Wilson
  • 2002 Ray Hill
  • 2001 Jo Davey
  • 2000 Henry Cooper
  • 1999 Dean Wilkins
  • 1998 Ian Hollindale
  • 1997 Ron Haberfield
  • 1996 Peter Thiele
  • 1994 Jim Forsyth
  • 1992 Robin Steed
  • 1990 Patrick Rowley
  • 1988 Leyland (Blue) Wright
  • 1986 Norm Snow
  • 1984 G. R. Coulthard
  • 1982 Lawrie Muller
  • 1979 J. C. Glleson
  • 1975 Derek I. Shew
  • 1972 G. W. Coombs (MBE)
  • 1970 S. F. Barnes (MBE)
  • 1968 J. P. Norton (OBE)
  • 1966 J. Ferguson
  • 1964 E. G. Roberts
  • 1962 G. McGillivary
  • 1959 H. R. McDonald
  • 1958 F. H. McDowall
  • 1956 C. Sheehy (OBE)
  • 1954 Geoffrey Dean Loftus-Hills
  • 1953 G. C. Howey (posthumously)
  • 1952 E. Munch-Peterson