Associate Membership


Associate membership is provided free of charge to qualifying individuals and varies to full membership as follows:

All online – no hard copy publications, i.e Australian dairy Listing / Australian Dairy Foods Magazine .

No voting rights

No in-person free events 

Associate event pricing (different to members and non-members)


Associate membership is open only to full-time students, first-year graduates, full-time apprentices, or full-time trainees. 

Applicants must provide supporting documents signed by a school head or company supervisor demonstrating the above. Applications must have supporting documents to be considered. 

Acceptance is done annually at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s discretion.


Apprentices are defined as individuals who undertake formal training arrangements that combine work with study for a qualification in a trade or occupation as defined by Fairwork and are at the discretion of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia. Apprenticeships are usually undertaken with a registered training organisation, such as a TAFE or trade school.

First-year graduates are defined as an individual who has graduated from a university having completed a bachelor’s degree in the preceding 12 months.

A full-time student is defined as an individual participating in education with at least 75% of the usual amount of full-time study for a course for their relevant study period (e.g. semester, trimester or year).

A trainee is defined as a person registered and receiving on-the-job training in a dairy-related occupation under a recognised trainee program.