DIAA Meritorious Awards

The DIAA awards several medals that recognise an individual’s contribution to the Association, dairy food science and the dairy processing industry. 

The medals are presented every year at the Awards of Excellence Dinner in Melbourne. 

The J. I. Scarr Gold Medal for Outstanding Service to the DIAA is awards each year to a person who has had a distinguished career in the dairy industry and the DIAA.

The John Bryant Gold Medal rewards outstanding service to the dairy industry. Award recipients must demonstrate an outstanding and sustained contribution to the industry in Australia, marked by achievements and strong leadership.

The Loftus-Hills Award recognises a significant contribution made by a member of the DIAA to the development and uptake of science and new technology in the Australian dairy industry.

DIAA Women Awards

Helen Dornom Award

Jo Davey Award

Rising Star Award

For an outline on these awards, please see the DIAA Women page.

More information to come.