Governance, Polices and Terms and Conditions

Our Governance Structure

The Dairy Industry Association of Austalia Ltd (DIAA) is a not-for-profit organisation.

The DIAA’s objects (purpose) and governance structure is defined in its constitution which is guided by the Corporations Act 2001.

The constitution is supported by a number of by-laws and terms of reference that facilitate its effective operation

The Board and Executive

Team DIAA is overseen and led by a President (Chairperson) and a Board of Directors who are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organisation and are supported by an executive team responsible for the operational delivery of the strategy.

The Board is recruited from a group of member representatives from our state committees (Branches)

Committees of the Board

In addition to the six state Branches, the Board has a number of committees and working groups including:

Nominations and Remuneration

Finance Risk and Audit

DIAA Women

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