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Partnering with an Industry Association.

Advertising in an industry publication or sponsoring an event organised by an industry association can be a strategic move for businesses looking to enhance their visibility and credibility within a specific market. These platforms offer a targeted and focused audience comprised of individuals and organizations deeply invested in the industry. By aligning your brand with a publication or event associated with your field, you not only gain exposure to potential clients and partners but also position yourself as an active participant in the industry’s growth and development.

The association’s events or publications often act as a hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and trend identification, providing an invaluable opportunity to connect with key players and stay abreast of industry advancements. Moreover, associating your brand with a reputable industry entity can enhance trust and confidence among your target audience, as it signals a commitment to industry standards and values.

In essence, advertising or sponsoring in these contexts is more than just a promotional strategy—it’s a strategic investment in establishing your brand as an integral part of the industry fabric.

Event Partnership Opportunities

The DIAA offers a host of sponsorship and partnership opportunities, including:

  • Event Sponsorship
  • National Sponsorship
  • Trophy Sponsorships
  • Scholarship Naming Rights

Advertising – Print and Digital

The DIAA offers a host of advertising opportunities, including:

  • Australian Dairy Foods Magazine
  • Australian Dairy Listings
  • Newsletter
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts


Australian Dairy Foods Magazine

Australian Dairy Listing

DIAA Members Newsletter

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