President’s Theme

Each year, the DIAA National President sets a theme that is particularly relevant to the DIAA and the industry. The theme sets the direction for the DIAA and is picked up by all DIAA States in their annual conferences and events

Karen McIntyre

2024 President’s Theme is:

Dairy Industry Diversity and Inclusion

It is of utmost importance for the DIAA and dairy industry to prioritise diversity and inclusion, not only because it is the right thing to do but also because it has significant strategic advantages. Creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all members can foster innovation, creativity, productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. With equal opportunities and respect for everyone, we can gain a competitive edge, expand our offerings and membership, and foster an inclusive culture that values each individual’s unique abilities and differences. Let us collaborate to encourage diversity and make it a foundation of our triumph with sincerity and passion.

Past President’s Themes

2024Karen McIntyreDairy Industry Diversity and Inclusion
2023Karen McIntyreNo Theme
2022Darryl Cardona'Respect is Vital'
2021Darryl Cardona'The way forward – 2021 and beyond'
2020Darryl Cardona‘Valuing value’
2019Allan Box'Managing change in our industry and Association'
2018Bill Calder'The wisdom of experience, strategy and fresh thinking for a stronger organisation'
2017Bill Calder'Where will I be in five years, and how will I get there?'
2016Mark Pettitt'Training and developing staff makes a difference'
2015Mark Pettitt'Is our industry training and developing our people to world-class standards?'
2014Wayne Austin'Promoting intellectual strength in the dairy industry by facilitating the sharing of knowledge between researchers, tertiary institutions, scientists and industry'
2013Wayne Austin'Taking every opportunity to promote Australia's great dairy products'
2012Chris Rolls'Increasing opportunities to share industry knowledge'
2011Doug Eddy'Returning benefits to members'
2010Doug Eddy'Remembering the past, studying the present and delivering the future'
2009Allan Box'Our industry's future - innovating to attract and retain the best talent'
2008Allan Box'DIAA - Strengthening the dairy value chain by fostering partnerships'
2007Greg Peisley'Dynamic dairy - managing change and moving forward'
2006Greg Peisley'Our people, our focus'
2005Janos Kaldy'Focus on quality - a building block for success'
2004Jo Davey'Promoting innovation'
2003Rod Taylor'Positive changes required for a positive future'
2002Chris Oxenford'Looking to the future and its challenges'
2001Des Mahony'Networking the Australian way - a mechanism for promotion of higher levels of excellence in the dairy industry'
2000Janos Kaldy'Development and supply of top-quality, innovative products and services that meet the gold medal expectation befitting an Olympic year'
1999George Davey'Adopting a national focus to meet the expectations of a changed industry'
1998Rocco Galluccio'To embrace and foster the ideals of the DIAA mission statement'
1997Neil Willman'Value adding to our personnel, processes and products via technology'
1996Ian Hollindale'Strengthening our Association through membership'
1995Peter McGuire'Embracing the future - development of a competitive edge in a free market industry'
1994Ross Matthews'Applying quality management and world's best practice to develop a strong and competitive Australian dairy industry'
1993Alan Hoskins'Development of a more effective role by our Association'

Australian Dairy Institute Presidents

1985Harold Snow'Cheese varieties for Australian needs'
1984Syd Blyth'Dairy foods in human nutrition'
1983Mick McMahon'Manufacturing dairy products to meet modern marketing needs'
1982J. J. Sullivan'Waste reduction in the dairy industry'
1981G. G. Smith'Computers and automation to profit the dairy industry'
1980A. J. Cockerill'Dairy products are nutritious convenience foods'
1979John Spinkston'Energy - its use and conversion'
1978J. T. Feagan'Technical marketing - the economics'
1977John Friederich'Satisfying the modern consumer's requirements in dairy products'
1976H. J. Tabley
1975T. K. Mitchell'Planning education to service the restructuring dairy industry'
1974L. I. Wright'The role of animal health in dairy technology'
1973Adrian J. Turton'How can a better image be projected for the products of the dairy industry?'
1972Brian Hannaford'The role of the dairy industry in prevention of environmental pollution'
1971Ross Richards'The use of dairy products in other food industries'
1970Lawrie Muller'The role of the dairy factory supervisor'
1969D. I. Shew'Mechanisation and automation'
1968J. C. Tarrant'Cleaning and sanitation in the dairy industry'
1967G. J. Conroy'Design, construction and maintenance of dairy factory buildings'
1966R. W. Irvine'Standards for the dairy industry'
1965G. D. Loftus-Hills'The economics of dairy processing' (re-adopted)
1964W. J. Crews'The economics of dairy processing'
1963N. J. O'Brien'The impact of Asian markets on the Australian dairy industry'
1962V. R. Smythe'The packaging/marketing of fluid milk in all its aspects'
1961A. Miller
1960H. V. Rees'Is our technology and marketing of table cream satisfactory?'
1959E. Munch-Petersen
1958J. H. Bryant'Export standards for dairy products'
1957A. G. Itzerott'Farm collection of milk'
1956T. H. Atkinson'The role of technology in reducing costs in the dairy industry'
1955M. Cullity'The influence of quality on the future of the dairy industry'
1954C. J. Macdermott'The nutritional aspects of milk and dairy products and their importance to national health'
1953D. ScottPresident's theme first debated at Council
1952J. V. PascoePresident's theme instituted by Council
1951F. H. Danielln/a