Australian Dairy Foods

Tap into the most valuable news and information network in the Australian dairy food manufacturing industry.

Since 1979, “Australian Dairy Foods” has been the only magazine specifically targeting the news and information needs of the dairy industry in Australia. The magazine covers a full spectrum of dairy industry issues – latest news, company profiles, conferences, new technology, equipment, environmental issues, training and education, and much more.

“Australian Dairy Foods” is published six times a year by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia as a service to members and the wider industry. The magazine provides a communication and information forum for the dairy industry. Its mission is to deliver accurate and relevant information that contributes to its readers’ industry knowledge and expertise.

The magazine is also a showcase for the best and brightest in the Australian dairy industry, with the results of DIAA’s National and State dairy product competitions announced in the magazine throughout the year. Innovators from all sectors of the industry are regularly profiled. “Australian Dairy Foods” has a strong reputation for providing independent, credible and in-depth editorial coverage.

“Australian Dairy Foods” is available to all DIAA members in print and electronic formats. Individual issues are also available for purchase.

If you’ve never seen our award-winning magazine before, have a look at an issue online. (Please note, this is from 2020.)

Advertising Opportunities

Australian Dairy Foods offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach decision-makers working for both large-scale dairy product manufacturers and farmhouse, artisan and specialist dairy producers. With an estimated pass-along readership of more than 7,000, “Australian Dairy Foods” is the most effective way to bring your products and services to the post-farmgate dairy industry in Australia.

Our readers tell us that the magazine is their preferred source of information on the latest innovations, new products and services, industry statistics, market updates, company profiles and coming events. The magazine enjoys an enviable reader approval rating of 95%.

A variety of advertising sizes and placement options is available, with DIAA members and multiple bookings receiving a discount.

For specific advertising inquiries, contact DIAA Business Development Manager, Janos Kaldy

Editorial Contributions

Editorial coverage in Australian Dairy Foods includes news, opinion and articles on issues affecting the Australian and international dairy food manufacturing. The magazine’s particular focus is on all aspects of dairy food manufacturing, processing, packaging and marketing.

The magazine welcomes contributions on industry matters, but reserves the right to full editorial control over the use of any material submitted. Contributors are encouraged to contact the magazine’s editor, Samantha Schelling, before making a written submission.

The 2021 editorial deadlines are:

December issue: 27 October 2021

The 2022 editorial deadlines are:

February- March issue:
April-May issue: 
June-July issue:
August-September issue:
October-November issue:
December 2022-January 2023:

Monday 24 January 2022
Monday 28 March 2022
Monday 30 May 2022
Monday 25 July 2022
Monday 26 September 2022
Wednesday 2 November 2022

Contact Details

For more information about the magazine’s editorial policies, contribution guidelines and deadlines, contact Samantha Schelling, Editor of “Australian Dairy Foods” by emailing editor(at) (replace ‘at’ with @).

To book or make an enquiry about advertising, contact DIAA Business Development Manager, Janos Kaldy, email janos.kaldy(at) (replace ‘at’ with @).