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When you join the DIAA, you become part of the post-farmgate dairy industry's widest information network.

MEMBER HOTLINE: 03 8742 6600


About the DIAA

The Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) is a professional association for people working in dairy product manufacturing and allied trades. The DIAA was incorporated on 24 March 1986, following the amalgamation of the Australian Dairy Institute and the Australian Society of Dairy Technology.

The DIAA's mission is to provide a forum for communication, continuing education, professional growth, recognition and fellowship for all members, sectors and participant organisations involved with the dairy industry.

Every year, the DIAA National President selects a theme that is particularly relevant to the DIAA and the industry. The President's Theme sets the direction for the DIAA and is picked up by all DIAA State branches in their annual conferences and other DIAA events.

How the DIAA Works

DIAA is a truly national organisation, with branches in every State. Each branch, through its elected executive, independently conducts the DIAA's affairs as appropriate to that State. This includes organising conferences, social events, technical seminars, dairy product competitions, and more.

The DIAA is governed by the State Representative Committee (SRC), which meets four times a year to set the policy of the DIAA. The SRC is made up of a representative elected by each State branch, as well as the DIAA National President, Treasurer, National Executive Officer, Business Development Manager and the Communications Manager. There are also ex-officiary members, as nominated by the SRC relevant to the agenda of each meeting. The State branch members of the SRC usually serve a six-year term, advancing through to a two-year term as National President.

DIAA executive committee members are volunteers and represent a wide cross-section of the post-farmgate dairy industry. Joining your State executive committee is an excellent way to shape your professional association, meet others in the industry and develop your skills. Whatever your talents and interests, there is a position on the executive for you! Get in touch with your State branch representatives today and find out how you can get involved.