Energy-saving grants for SME food & beverage manufacturers

DIAA members, does your business have 1-199 employees and is wanting to become more energy efficient? Check out the latest Energy Efficient Communities Program Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants for SME manufacturers.

Grants are $10,000 to $25,000, with no co-contribution required. Closes 18 Feb (or earlier if funding all allocated). Head to or call 13 28 46. 

The grants are to help small and medium food & beverage manufacturing businesses improve their energy efficiency, through projects such as: 

  • replacing equipment like a refrigerator with a more efficient unit, a boiler with a heat pump, or a steam steriliser with a UV steriliser
  • modifying existing systems to run more efficiently like installing variable speed drives on pumps, installing heat recovery, or automatic controls
  • undertaking energy management activities, energy audits and engineering feasibility studies
  • investing in energy monitoring and management systems