FUTURE DAIRY – How much of our brain do we really use?!  And what will you use it for in 2024?

FUTURE DAIRY – How much of our brain do we really use?!  And what will you use it for in 2024?

FIRSTLY, some information is just not worth remembering in the first place!  Right!  Mostly that of a bad first date, picking the wrong horse at the races or the hours you spent preparing for a job application – to NOT even get an interview! 

So instead, this year, to put your brain to task – the DIAA VIC are pleased to present “FUTURE Dairy” Conference & Awards Presentation – of which our jammed packed agenda will blow your brain. Plus you will be in good hands…

Why?  Wait for it..remember 9 + 10 May – we have:- 

  • Masahiko Iga – the original Japanese Iron Chef: – our Sommelier for the Wine and Cheese Platter and Chatter, hosted by Marjan Javanmard, accomplished Senior Application Specialist in the Dairy Cultures and Enzymes team at IFF.  AND:-
    • Women in Leadership: hosted by Dr Rym Kachouri – GM Foodmach, Board Director at APPMA and the Chair of APPEX.
  • Bill Pyle – Bill fought hard for the benefits we take for granted today.  A leader, futurist and a well loved conversationalist we are honoured to welcome Bill, now also an Author to the stage to learn the mistakes of the past to secure a brighter Future Dairy.   Bill enjoyed a colourful career before many of us could say COW!
  • Richard Cornish, – Author and Journalist, our MC, also Creative Director, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and The Age Good Food, Brain Food Column.  We are in such good hands and fine taste.

Each event the team at the DIAA VIC strive to improve and seek out unique content so no two conferences are the same. Check out the agenda with 2 days packed like a Fortnam and Mason Christmas Hamper with food for the brain to discuss, debate and forge direction for our FUTURE.

So, do you need five reasons to convince your BOSS why in 2024 attending the FUTURE DAIRY conference, will matter more than they might think:-

“Find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them.” Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo!

  1. Connection:  human warmth and connection drive experience and memories – so join us and have a great time learning NEW important industry topics and solutions. 
  1. Mentor: advice on how to enhance your OWN work or enrich yourself with new perspectives and knowledge – Inspirational Speaker, Bill Pyle. 
  1. Less Gaps, more Fillers: share and absorb ideas. You will hear about key issues in your = field that might be new to you – new features, new software, unpublished data, or learning from thought-leaders that you may not have previously heard of.  This all improves time-management, profit and growth. Thought Leadership hosted by Michale Cahill, Brand and Brand Trust
  1. FOMO: with technology taking a leap into AI, out of nowhere last year, don’t be the last to know what you need to know in 2024 – Innovation with AI; an interactive marketing forum with panelists
  2. $$ – look at this opportunity as a pay rise or an advance – your resume is a great way of showing your future employers that you care about your profession.  It’s people and it’s growth. Keeping on track with the current happenings in the industry is crucial for staying on top of the game, and what better way of saying that you’re on top of it than showing it on paper. 

So what can you can look forward to at the DIAA 2024 Future Dairy Conference?  Well, nothing will be ordinary enough to forget! So reboot your thinking now, commit to the date and secure your ticket today!  Because in actual fact we use all of our brain to function every day.  And what you don’t use, you loose!

According to one estimate, the maximum capacity of the brain is around 2.5 petabytes, or around one million gigabytes.  

Let’s do the maths – If your brain worked like a digital video recorder, 2.5 petabytes would be enough to hold three million hours of TV shows. You would have to leave the TV running continuously for more than 300 years to use up all that storage.  Ref: Paul Reber, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, USA

So get on board and book now.


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PLUS – Celebrating Flemington: WIN over 1kg Roses Prize Competition: Enter before 30 April. Winner announced 1/5/24.

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