FUTURE Dairy – Victorian Dairy Conference 2024

Flemington 9th and 10th May 2024

Whether you have been star gazing at NASA’s Odysseus moon landing or star-struck and intrigued by Tay Tay’s Australian tour, 2024 is promising to be a Leap Year off to a flying start.

And as we fast approach the mid-2020s – it might be wise advice to check in with your ‘FUTURE’ self and 1) Check-in to the DIAA VIC FUTURE Dairy Conference and/or 2) Make sure you are not being left behind in the present! If you are not across the magnitude of intuitive machines now operating ‘FUTURE Dairy’, or if you are struggling to plug into CX/UX and AI marketing channels dominated by talented Gen Z’ers, then you may be a Millennial (just like Taylor Swift), a Gen Y or Gen X (like myself) who has to work hard to be FUTURE-ready.

How to solve this problem is easy. Commencing 9 May, across two days, the Dairy Industry Association Australia will showcase FUTURE technology, FUTURE marketing and FUTURE leadership. Members and non-members are invited to join Dairy industry experts, innovators and collaborators to explore rich, meaningful connections and conversations whilst attending discussions, debates and advice hosted by a diverse range of special guest speakers and FUTURE Dairy industry leaders.

The event, hosted by Crown at Flemington Racecourse, promises to deliver finesse from paddock to plate. Expect to savour the finest dairy products crafted by local artisans, elevating your own appreciation for the art and science behind dairy production. Dairy excellence and culinary artistry will be showcased in curated wine and cheese tasting, and industry excellence will be celebrated during the DIAA Victorian Awards Presentation on Friday, 10 May. Invite your colleagues, and don’t miss out on the FUTURE Dairy conference – a roadmap for those keen to stay ahead of the curve in 2024/5.

Ready to Attend – Add the event App to your device to stay in touch with the program, secure your tickets and avoid the rush! See below for the link.

Meanwhile, preparation for the exploration of the Moon in 2026 is underway. Led by a collaboration of 14 private companies and a team of eager Astronauts, the world will be watching.

Given the choice – I know where I would rather land.

I’d rather gaze in awe at the unprecedented success of a female icon and experience the energy of a 100,000-strong crowd of like-minded but ordinary people, singing, in extraordinary unison, “Blank Space!

Attend the FUTURE Dairy – Victorian Dairy Conference 2024. We will use an online platform called Whova for our event. You can Download the Whova app to access the event or contact RSVP.DIAA.VIC2024@gmail.com with any queries.

Enjoy FUTURE Dairy – Victorian Dairy Conference 2024!