DemoDAIRY Foundation Scholarships and Grants

Provides a range of scholarships and grants that directly benefit dairy farmers or the wider dairy industry.

The range of available scholarships and grants includes:

1. Business management skill development: Allocate scholarships of $2,500 to $5,000 per year to agreed courses. Providers identify suitable candidates. In some cases, this will be a 2-3 year commitment subject to performance review

2. Dairy business management projects: Create awareness in appropriate education organisations and assess proposed projects. Grants $1,000 – $5,000

3. Innovation grants of up to $5,000: Offered through the contracted service providers (currently Agriculture Victoria, WVD and some dairy companies) to the groups

4. Capacity development grants (grants of $2,000 – $5,000): Grants to screened candidates from farm management award processes; or DDF lead call for applications and selection processes

5. Emerging issues grants: Short proposal developed with relevant Industry stakeholders and reviewed by DDF board.

A DDF scholarship / grant could support:
– Tuition fees
– Course books / materials
– Other direct costs of participating in dairy Certificate or agribusiness Diploma courses
– Relevant study visits outside the Western District
– Additional relevant short courses to develop advanced technical and management skills
– Costs of obtaining relevant short-term higher-level work experience to gain specialised knowledge and experience relevant to their future work in Western Victoria. This could include travel within or outside Australia to/from the work assignment. Details on the planned work experiences, reasons why it is important and expected extra costs should be included with a proposal
– Specialised farm management software / hardware
– The proposed allocation of DDF funds provided would be documented in the application for / assessment of a grant.

Please contact the Secretary or other Board members if your proposed activity is outside the guidelines above but will deliver direct benefits to fellow dairy farmers or the wider dairy industry. The Foundation wants to be flexible in its approach.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the provider’s website.