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Magazine Profile

Australian Dairy Foods is the official magazine of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA), the Australian dairy industry’s professional organisation. Our membership reflects the diversity of the industry. It includes people in processing, marketing, administration, education and training, product development, engineering, technology, and scientific research. The DIAA is a member services organisation. It aims to promote excellence in the Australian dairy industry by providing a forum for communication, continuing education, professional growth, recognition and fellowship for all members, sectors and organisations involved with the dairy industry.

Australian Dairy Foods has a well-deserved reputation for quality and integrity. This provides a highly credible and respected platform to maximise value to our advertisers

Decades of industry knowledge

Since 1979, Australian Dairy Foods has been the only magazine specifically targeting the news and information needs of dairy product manufacturers and service providers to the dairy industry in Australia. A large-scale independent survey of the magazine’s readers has confirmed that Australian Dairy Foods is a respected and sought-after source of information about industry trends, innovations and news that influences the readers’ strategic planning and decision-making. Australian Dairy Foods has also received high accolades for the quality and breadth of its industry news coverage at the Tabbies, an international business and industry magazine competition run by the US-based Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI).

Credible content

Australian Dairy Foods has a strong reputation for providing independent, credible and in-depth editorial coverage. Our reputation and position in the industry provide a

solid platform for the delivery of our advertisers’ messages. Readers have described the magazine as ‘very well done,’ ‘worth reading’ and ‘THE industry mag.’ Sponsors and advertisers have called it ‘very important,’ ‘easy to read,’ ‘good value’ and ‘high quality.’ We are consistently ranked as ‘extremely useful’ or ‘very useful’ by our readers and enjoy an enviable reader satisfaction rating of 96.5%.

Industry involvement

The magazine is published by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) as a service to its members and to the industry. Australian Dairy Foods provides a communication and information forum for the post-farmgate dairy industry. Its mission is to deliver accurate and relevant information that contributes to its readers’ industry knowledge and expertise. The magazine is also a showcase for the best and brightest in the Australian dairy industry, with the results of DIAA’s National and State dairy product competitions announced in the magazine throughout the year. Innovators from all sectors of the industry are regularly profiled.

Our Readers

Australian Dairy Foods is individually addressed and posted to about 1,500 recipients, providing a targeted and receptive audience extending across all dairy industry sectors.

With a circulation of more than 9,000, Australian Dairy Foods is the most effective way to reach the post-farmgate dairy industry in Australia. Our readers consistently tell us that the magazine is their preferred source of information on the latest innovations, new products and services, industry statistics, market updates, company profiles and coming events. Australian Dairy Foods readers cover three main groups – dairy product manufacturers, allied trades and those working in industry organisations. The majority are decision-makers in upper and middle management in areas such as dairy processing, R&D, packaging, marketing, engineering, ingredients, training, hygiene and safety, logistics and quality assurance. Australian Dairy Foods gives advertisers a unique opportunity to reach both the traditional large-scale manufacturers and the emerging ‘artisan’ and specialist dairy producers.

Reach them online

Advertising on the DIAA website ( can help your company and your brands reach a targeted dairy audience. Banner advertising is available on the DIAA home page and within the popular searchable online Australian Dairy Listing. Return on your investment The DIAA website is well-used by the Australian post-farmgate dairy industry.

The site receives, on average, 150 unique visitors per day, with double that number in peak times. In the past year, companies who advertised on the DIAA website have received a lot of attention from DIAA members and other visitors to the website, with the average banner ad receiving about 80,000 impressions and 600 clicks. Seeking more prominence online? Why not upgrade your company’s entry in the Australian Dairy Listing? An upgrade will see your logo, contact details, website and a 100-word paragraph about your goods and services prominently displayed in your chosen section – and it’s highly cost-effective.

2024 Editorial Features


Outlook for the 2024 year, including trends


Factory Floor: packaging & labelling


Supply chain: automation, digitisation & Industry 4.0


Business Insights: Marketing


Business Insights: Marketing


The year that was

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Australia’s only magazine for the post-farmgate dairy industry, published six times a year by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia.

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