DIAA Women Ecolab Schloarship

The DIAA Women forum is very proud to announce a partnership with Ecolab to promote women in the dairy industry.

The scholarship, valued at $2,500, is awarded to one applicant per year.

Application closing date: 31st January 2023

Please send your application, outlining how the course or project you are doing/propose to do, will benefit the dairy industry and the DIAA, to: carl.partridge@diaa.asn.au

2023 DIAA Women Ecolab Scholarship 

You can register for a course or a project, or be planning to undertake further studies to advance your career. 

Award criteria: 

  • The chosen candidate must submit a write-up for Australian Dairy Foods magazine and be able to present at appropriate and agreed-upon DIAA conferences.

Candidate criteria: 

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • You must be female, a current DIAA member (and have been for at least two years). 
  • If an applicant has submitted an application before but has not been chosen, she can re-apply again. Scholarship winners are ineligible to re-apply. 

Application criteria: 

  • Scholarship must be used within 12 months of bestowal  
  • If you have not previously been awarded the scholarship, and wish to apply again, you must submit a new application next year. 
  • You must register any conflict of interest. (In the case of conflict of interest where the applicant is a close contact with a DIAA Women team member – based on the Nepotism/Conflict of Interest Clause – that committee member will step aside from the judging panel for that applicant only.) 

Proposal criteria: 

  • Please submit a proposal that covers how the course or project will benefit the dairy industry and the DIAA.