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Events and Programs for dairy industry professionals

January, 2021

4 January - 31 March  in 

2021 DIAA Dairy Product Competitions

Looking to enter a 2021 DIAA Dairy Product Competition?

Check to see which competitions are open, and which are coming up. 

See here for more information about the DIAA's competitions. 

April, 2021

28 April - 29 April  in 

2021 TAS Show Judging Accreditation Training

Show Judging Accreditation Training 

Train as an Accredited Dairy Cheese Show Judge with renowned cheesemaker Russell Smith.

* Members only. 

May, 2021

15 May  in 

Cheese & Wine Odyssey Night

Cheese, Wine, an odyssey.

Join DIAA SA as they showcase artisian SA cheeses & premium wines. 

27 May - 28 May  in 

2021 DIAA Victoria Conference

DIAA's Victoria Conference is back on for 2021. Don't miss the famous Wine & Cheese; 2021 DIAA Victorian Dairy Product Awards Lunch; and interesting speakers. 

Get your name in front of Victoria's dairy industry wtih a sponsorship package

28 May  in 

2021 DIAA Awards of Excellence

Celebrate the best in Australian dairy products and people who serve the industry. Join the gala dinner for presentation of industry trophies and medals. 



June, 2021

17 June - 18 June  in 

2021 DIAA Tasmania Conference

2021 DIAA Tasmania Conference will be held at the Country Club, Launceston from 17-18 June. 

Conference details announced soon. 

August, 2021

23 August - 25 August  in 

2021 DSWS Dairy Factory Engineering Short Course

Learn about dairy factory engineering in this Dairy Science World Series short course. Find out more... 

** Registration opening coming. 

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