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March, 2018

24 March  in 

2018 DIAA WA Dairy Product Awards

The annual DIAA WA Dairy Product Awards will take place at the Cottesloe Golf Club on Saturday, 24 March 2018. More details and registration coming soon.

May, 2018

10 May - 11 May  in 

2018 DIAA Victorian Conference

The 2018 DIAA Victorian Conference will take place on 10-11 May at the Peninsula C, Atlantic Group, Central Pier, Docklands.

11 May  in 

2018 Awards of Excellence

The 2018 DIAA Awards of Excellence will celebrate the winners of the 2018 DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition as well as the recipients of the DIAA medals for service to the DIAA and the dairy industry. More information and registration coming soon.

24 May - 25 May  in 

2018 DIAA Tasmanian Conference

The 2018 DIAA Tasmanian Conference will take place at Freycienet on Tasmania's East Coast. More information and registration coming soon.