Victorian Product Competition Partnership Opportunities 2024


Sponsoring a dairy product awards trophy can be a strategic and rewarding investment for a company operating in the dairy industry. By aligning your brand with such prestigious accolades, you not only demonstrate your commitment to excellence but also gain valuable visibility within the industry and among consumers.

The trophy serves as a symbol of quality and innovation, and your sponsorship ensures that your brand is prominently associated with these values. Moreover, supporting such events fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the industry, positioning your company as a critical player that actively contributes to its growth and success. The sponsorship provides a platform to showcase your products and services to a targeted audience, creating opportunities for networking and relationship-building. Ultimately, associating your brand with a dairy product awards trophy enhances your reputation, builds consumer trust, and sets you apart as a leader in the competitive dairy market.


DIAA Victorian Dairy Product Competition Lunch Sponsor – SOLD – $5,000 plus GST

  • Exclusive sponsorship
  • Opportunity to welcome and address attendees
  • Advertising slide on screen at function commencement
  • Banners displayed at function – maximum 4 freestanding banners (supplied by sponsor)
  • Premium exhibition stand location
  • 2 x full delegate registrations
  • Full page colour advertisement in the Conference Handbook or Online App equivalent
  • 1 x satchel insert (supplied by sponsor)
  • Company logo printed on promotional conference sponsors banner

Trophy Sponsorship Packages – $600 plus GST per including base level trophy cost.

Sponsorship includes 1 ticket to attend and present the trophy.

  • Highest scoring bulk butter (Classes 1 & 2)
  • Highest scoring consumer pack butter pats/tubs (Classes 3 and 4)
  • Highest scoring cheddar cheese – mild/semi-matured (Class 7)
  • Highest scoring cheddar cheese – matured (Class 8)
  • Highest scoring cheddar cheese – vintage (Class 9)
  • Highest scoring cheddar cheese (Classes 6 to 9)
  • Highest scoring consumer pack cheddar cheese (Classes 10 to 12)
  • Highest scoring very hard cheese (Classes 16 and 17)
  • Highest scoring fetta cheese (Classes 23 to 25)
  • Highest scoring cheese, smear ripened, washed or mixed rind (Class 26)
  • Highest scoring cheese with blue mould (Class 27)
  • Highest scoring cheese, white mould ripened (Classes 28 and 29)
  • Highest scoring soft/fresh cheese (Classes 30 to 37)
  • Highest scoring club cheese (Classes 38 and 39)
  • Highest scoring powder (Classes 43 to 47)
  • Highest scoring yoghurt (Classes 48 to 57)
  • Highest scoring pasteurised (homogenised) milk (Classes 58-59)
  • Highest scoring modified milk (Classes 60 to 63)
  • Highest scoring flavoured milk – chocolate (Class 64 and 65)
  • Highest scoring flavoured milk – coffee (Class 66 and 67)
  • Highest scoring flavoured milk flavours – other than chocolate/ coffee (Class 68 and 69)
  • Highest scoring flavoured milk (Classes 64 to 69)
  • Highest scoring UHT milk (Classes 70-72)
  • Highest scoring thickened cream (Class 73 and 74)
  • Highest scoring cream (Classes 72 to 76)
  • Highest scoring standard ice-cream (Class 81-83)
  • Highest scoring premium ice-cream/gelati (Classes 84 to 89)
  • Highest scoring non-bovine product (Classes 98 to 104)
  • Overall milk champion (Classes 59 to 71, 103 and 106)
  • Overall cheese champion
  • Most innovative product (judges’choice)
  • Most successful exhibitor – minimum 6 entries
  • Most outstanding show exhibit (Classes 1 to 107)

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